Why alternative social networks are failing

by Carver Harrison last modified 2018-08-01T21:55:13-07:00
Alternative social networks like Gab, Minds and BitChute are failing to grab a wide audience.

Alternative social networks like GabMinds and BitChute are failing to grab a wide audience. If you look at the communities of these social networks they are highly politicized and most of the time are right wing. You will not find a lot of cat pictures on these sites or people sharing things that they did on their vacation. Minds is an exception because you can find art and science related posts but a lot of it is political. This is because the target demographic of these social networks are mostly politically active edgelords. These people are angered by the censorship by companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google so they move to alternative networks. Problem is, this creates a mostly right wing echo chamber.

Another issue with alternative social networks is that they want to do something different but often this causes issues. For example, Minds switched over to an Ethereum Blockchain based points system. There was no issue with the points system before, but now it costs 1000 points just to start boosting content. Before you could get points from using the site or doing actions on the site, but now the points you get from doing those actions are so low it resembles a game by Zynga more than a merit based social network like it was before. What's the benefit of putting points on the Blockchain? (Ottman if you can tell me the reason why Minds points need to be on the blockchain please respond in a comment.)

Gabriel Lowery
Gabriel Lowery says:
Jul 28, 2018 11:26 PM

Yet /pol/ and r/TheDonald are supersuccessful and prolific. It's not JUST the political orientation, it's also that the offer nothing really new. Minds do the best job, yet it only appeals to a niche audience, and yet most people will just use Reddit to talk about scientific stuff.
Also, how ironic that you complain that alternative social networks have a right-wing echo chamber, and yet based on what you have said, as well as your Twitter, I feel you would love that :)

Carver Harrison
Carver Harrison says:
Jul 29, 2018 03:46 PM

I don't like echo chambers. They get toxic real quick. Also, a lot of /pol/ is ironic. /pol/ is not the news board, it is the Politically Incorrect board, the point of /pol/ is to be offensive. The news board is /news/. And /r/TheDonald is a circle jerk. I said that I think Minds was the best of all of them until they went blockchain. I joined Minds in 9/16. I even payed for Plus for a while. I am also verified on Minds. My account is @carver.

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