The Search for the Crystal

The first program I ever made.

Title Screen


The Search for the Crystal is the first game I ever made. I made it back in 2010 at a game design summer camp. The game is very basic. The goal is to beat the computer at a race. It does not matter who wins the first three levels. The winner is determined by who shoots the bouncing ball first in the final level. I wanted to add something where if the computer beat you in one level it would still go on to the next level without you. However, I could not figure out how to do this. The game was created in Multimedia Fusion 2.


This includes my game as well as the other kids' games.

File Size Description
Carver finished.exe 456 KB The Search for the Crystal (my game)
awesomegame.exe 513 KB Beware of the monster devil that will kill you with a knife of his own!
balloon.exe 839 KB Your goal as a punk is to kill monsters.
Crazy Blobs.exe 670 KB In this game you try to avoyed the red blobs but if you tag the red blob you loose. if you tag all of the blue blobs you win.
Crystal Finders.exe 405 KB Go through the door in the second level without losing all of your lives.
game storier.exe 1,135 KB brenden
PicachusAdventure.exe 549 KB Pikachu's Adventure!
World Domination.exe 1,065 KB Help Steve stop the crazed scientist by dodging cannonballs for a certain time each level. But it's harder than it seems.


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