Chapter 5

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\Huge\sffamily Lord of the Flies Chapter 5



\usepackage{lipsum}% just to generate filler text for the example



\DeclareDocumentCommand\topic{ m m g g g g g}
\begin{tcolorbox}[sidebyside,sidebyside align=top,opacityframe=0,opacityback=0,opacitybacktitle=0, opacitytext=1,lefthand width=.3\textwidth]
\begin{tcolorbox}[colback=red!05,colframe=red!25,sidebyside align=top,width=\textwidth,before skip=0pt]
\begin{tcolorbox}[colback=blue!05,colframe=blue!10,width=\textwidth,before skip=0pt]
\IfNoValueF {#3}{
\IfNoValueF {#4}{
\IfNoValueF {#5}{
\IfNoValueF {#6}{
\IfNoValueF {#7}{

\begin{tikzpicture}[overlay,remember picture,inner sep=0pt, outer sep=0pt]
\node[anchor=south,yshift=-1ex] at (current page text area.south) {% 
\begin{tcolorbox}[enhanced,colframe=black,fonttitle=\large\bfseries\sffamily,sidebyside=true, nobeforeafter,before=\vfil,after=\vfil,colupper=black,sidebyside align=top, lefthand width=.95\textwidth,opacitybacktitle=1, opacitytext=1,
segmentation style={black!55,solid,opacity=0,line width=3pt},


{``This meeting must not be fun, but business`` (58)}%
{``We were going to have water brought from the stream and
left in those coconut shells under fresh leaves. So it was, for a few days. Now there's no water. The shells are dry. People drink from the river.`` (60) = Did someone drink all the water?}%
{``"Who cares what you believe--Fatty!" "I got the conch!" "You gimme the conch back!"`` (69) = No one can agree and the conch is not helping.}
{``He moved the conch gently, looking beyond them at nothing, remembering the beastie, the snake, the fire, the talk of fear.`` (62)}%
{``The thing is--fear can't hurt you any more than a dream. There aren't any beasts to be
afraid of on this island.`` (63)}%
\topic{Society vs Individual}%
{`` I mean, who built all three? We all built the first one, four of us the second one, and me 'n Simon built the last one over there.`` (61) = No one is doing any work}%
{``For now the littluns were no longer silent. They were reminded of their personal sorrows; and perhaps felt themselves to share in a sorrow that was universal. They began to cry in sympathy, two of them almost as loud as Percival.`` (66)}
\topic{Human Nature}
{``I tell you the smoke is more important than the pig`` (61) = Hunters are priortizing non essentail tasks over rescue and other essentail tasks}%
{``"Grownups know things," said Piggy. "They ain't afraid of the dark. They'd meet and
have tea and discuss. Then things 'ud be all right--"`` (72) = The boys aren't acting like adults according to Piggy.}%
\summary{This is a longer box that floats to the bottom of the page.}

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