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Dorper Okay, Now THIS Is Epic

羊 (dch)

Screenshot of 羊

羊 (dch) is an Futabally/Tinyboard inspired imageboard written in Python/Flask. It also works as a comment system.


Using 羊 as a comment system

羊 was created because of a need for a comment system on Dorper. I hate Disqus and HTML Comment Box was too limited and would not blend in with the rest of the site. So I created 羊. 羊 easily integrates with most websites. To use 羊 as the comment system for your website, you will need to use the code below.

<iframe src="" height="900" width="900" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Replace SITE_NAME with the name of your site (only alphabetical characters, - and _) and replace PAGE_NAME with the path or name of the page (also only alphabetical characters, - and _).