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Advertise on Dorper

Do you want your website or brand on Dorper? Now you can with Dorper Ads! For only 10¢ a day you can advertise your website on:

  • Dorper Sidebar
  • DorpTube

See this chart below for how much Dorper Ads cost:

Time vs Money Spent
1 day $0.10
1 week (7 days) $0.70
1 month (30 days) $3.00
1 year (365 days) $36.50
Average American lifespan (28740 days) $2874.00

See? Dorper Ads are cheap.

But really how much is 10¢ a day?

  • 10¢ is the cost of 193 gallons of water where Dorper is located.
  • 10¢ is around how much the cost of power per KWh is in the US on average.
  • 10¢ is cheaper than what you will be paying for AdWords ads.
  • 10¢ is how much 10 pennies are worth.

Buying Dorper Ads is easy. All it takes is an E-Mail and an Ad. It's so easy that it makes AdWords look hard to use. We accept Paypal and Crypto.

To purchase Dorper Ads, contact us at

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