Dorper Not Applicable Domain Hijack

UPDATE: This issue has been resolved.

The previous owner of Aclevo, Reasonably Selenium, is trying to take back Aclevo from Dorper after a deal was made that Dorper would be owned by Aclevo. This is illegal and classifies as fraud and impersonation under United States law. Dorper will take action if Reasonably Selenium does not reverse what he has done. Be aware that according to the deal made with Reasonably Selenium, he only owns Treehouse and NOT Aclevo. There was NO takeback clause made in the agreement and therefore, what Reasonably Selenium is doing is illegal. As stated by Reasonably Selenium himself, all content made by Aclevo is owned by Aclevo. Because Aclevo is owned by Dorper. Reasonably Selenium has no legal claim over Aclevo. The changing of the Name Servers on is also illegal under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and therefore, Reasonably Selenium is attempting hijacking this domain.
- Carver Harrison, CEO, Dorper