Quote in Windows 8

A really weird mod.
Start Point Start Point

IDK why someone would make this mod. The textures are really bad. What does this have to do with Microsoft Windows 8?

Start Point Life Capsule Start Point Life Capsule

According to the Mod Maker, Quote lost all his HP and only has 1 HP now. But why then would you then put a Life Capsule for 30 HP in the Start Point?

First Cave First Cave

This map design isn't really changed apart from all the slopes in the map being removed. I don't know why the mod maker would do this but ok. Also, whats with those ugly purple and gray blocks (Is that a Windows Logo?).

Gunsmith Gunsmith

This is just a retextured Polar Star isn't it. According to the mod maker, this is not a Polar Star because it does 2 damage because of "Windows 8 Logic".

Mimiga Village Mimiga Village

Why is Mimiga Village floating in the air and not in a cave. Also why is there a battery icon in the background and also WHY ARE TOKORO AND KING ALIVE?!

Chinfish Chinfish

Chinfish and same starting fetch quest. I hope this is Enlight on an alt. I doubt it though.

Shack Shack

What does this have to do with Windows 8 again. Also, why is Tokoro mad at quote now. This takes place after Cave Story. Why would Tokoro be afraid of Quote?

Not Balrog Not Balrog

Also, Not Balrog (called Alex in the game) called Misery Jenka. Wut.

Crash Crash

You son of a bih, I didn't save. Nvm, it didn't crash, just a random dialog opened for no reason.

Empty Egg Empty Egg

This egg is so hollow that it even lacks a shell. And yes, the game is completely softlocked now. The door doesn't work.

Quote in Windows 8: Egg 00 Quote in Windows 8: Egg 00

So Egg 00, is a computer... but it's still an egg? Also you can shoot that gray block ON THE COMPUTER. WUT.

Windows 8 for PSP Lamecraft Mode
Windows 8 for PSP Lamecraft Mode says:
May 25, 2018 06:16 PM

I have updated the mod.
Sorry if I couldn't of done it sooner.

Carver Harrison
Carver Harrison says:
May 25, 2018 06:55 PM

oh no

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