A so called "hacker" named Pr0xy joined the Unix-Like discord server and started posting his "hacker tutorials" which were deleted for advertising. For the fun of it I asked him to try to hack Dorper. He said he could hack it but then left the server less than a hour later with Dorper still being left unhacked. This is the chatlog from that event.

[7:59 PM] Carver: @Pr0xy you say ur 1337 but u cant hacc my site
[7:59 PM] Pr0xy: bet i can
[7:59 PM] Pr0xy: @Carver
[7:59 PM] Carver: it runs plone
[8:00 PM] Carver: site: https://dorper.me/
[8:00 PM] ImmortalAxolotl: hey 1337 haccers check out my KALI HACC T00L
[8:00 PM] Pr0xy: can i hack it
[8:00 PM] Pr0xy: @Carver
[8:00 PM] Carver: sure if u can
[8:00 PM] Tom (devnull): Holy fuck guys, he DDoS'd Google in his YouTube video
[8:01 PM] ImmortalAxolotl: WUUUUT
[8:01 PM] Pr0xy: ok imma screw up your website real bad
[8:01 PM] ImmortalAxolotl: NO WAY
[8:01 PM] kaiserschmarrn_: truuu
[8:01 PM] kaiserschmarrn_: :clap:
[8:01 PM] Carver: ok fam
[8:01 PM] ImmortalAxolotl: OMG LEET HAXOR PRO
[8:01 PM] Carver: dorper has a uptime over 9000 hours
[8:01 PM] Tom (devnull): If he actually fucks up your website I like him
[8:01 PM] Pr0xy: i will
[8:01 PM] clearine: @Pr0xy how are you gonna do it
[8:02 PM] Nobabs27: @Carver you should run a PeerTube instance and call it Dorper instead of LiteTube
[8:02 PM] clearine: stop shilling peertube plwase
[8:02 PM] Tom (devnull): Give him time to find a vulnerability, jfc lol
[8:02 PM] Carver: litetube is a youtube unblocker
[8:02 PM] Nobabs27: oh, so its like hooktube?
[8:03 PM] clearine: ddos protection is on now!!!!
[8:03 PM] Tom (devnull): His IP address is
[8:03 PM] clearine: is he ddosing it
[8:03 PM] Carver: no
[8:03 PM] Carver: i just put that on
[8:03 PM] kaiserschmarrn_: KEK
[8:03 PM] clearine: oh
[8:03 PM] Carver: so he doesnt skid
[8:03 PM] Pr0xy: imma run a nmap scan and look for open ports and runa a exploit on his server and i just have to write a bit of code to do it its not that hard but i have to disable his ssl certifcate
[8:03 PM] Carver: i use cloudflare dont bother
[8:03 PM] clearine: you are lame @Carver
[8:03 PM] clearine: turn cloudflare off
[8:03 PM] clearine: Right now
[8:03 PM] Pr0xy: ok whatever you say @Carver
[8:04 PM] Carver: no cloudflare because im too lazy to into ssl
[8:04 PM] Pr0xy: ok imma go do it. ill tell you guys what im doing though out the process
[8:04 PM] kaiserschmarrn_: what a chad
[8:04 PM] kaiserschmarrn_: :bagsweat:
[8:04 PM] Tom (devnull): Now we're tiptoeing the line between hackerman and "FUCK YOU AND UR MUM I OWN YOU"
[8:04 PM] Pr0xy: @Carver whats your wbsite again
[8:04 PM] Carver: dorper.me
[8:05 PM] Pr0xy: ok thanks,
[8:05 PM] kaiserschmarrn_: hack https://shoebill.faith/
shoebills are pretty cool

[8:05 PM] kaiserschmarrn_: i bust a nut to this website every nite btw
[8:05 PM] Walrus: hey hack my website lol
[8:05 PM] Carver: hack https://dm4uz3.pt/ after mine
High quality bolbdance shitpost.

[8:06 PM] ImmortalAxolotl: hacc devnull’s penis
[8:06 PM] Tom (devnull): Hack chapterbuilder.com
I built that site, so I want to see it burn
[8:06 PM] Carver: there isnt one to hack
[8:06 PM] Tom (devnull): :ballot_box_with_check: rekt
[8:06 PM] Pr0xy: @Carver here is his ip website
[8:07 PM] Walrus: wow hacker
[8:07 PM] Walrus: epic
[8:07 PM] Carver: thats cloudflare
[8:07 PM] kaiserschmarrn_: nah bro he HACKED you
[8:07 PM] kaiserschmarrn_: u rong
[8:07 PM] Carver: o shit he is stealing all the linux builds that i stole from linus torvalds when i broke into his house
[8:07 PM] Pr0xy: na i know its just a ip but im not done
[8:08 PM] kaiserschmarrn_: i bet mintz hates when you break into his house and steal his linux builds
[8:08 PM] kaiserschmarrn_: :(
[8:08 PM] Walrus: damb he s gonna fuck u up watch out
[8:08 PM] kaiserschmarrn_: damb
[8:08 PM] kaiserschmarrn_: :bagsweat:
[8:08 PM] ImmortalAxolotl: dude this is hulaaaarius
[8:08 PM] ImmortalAxolotl: hack postnix.us
[8:09 PM] Tom (devnull): inb4 LIFEHACK
[8:09 PM] Pr0xy: ok guys now i am running a SYN stealth scan but i gotta wait
[8:10 PM] Tom (devnull): Watching a hack happen somewhere besides DEF CON is fun I guess
[8:11 PM] Carver: inb4 he tries to ddos my toaster
[8:11 PM] Tom (devnull): ...is your toaster IoT?
[8:11 PM] Carver: no
[8:11 PM] Carver: its a toaster(edited)
[8:11 PM] Pr0xy: guys he has port 30 open
[8:11 PM] kaiserschmarrn_: fuck
[8:11 PM] kaiserschmarrn_: port 30?
[8:12 PM] kaiserschmarrn_: he's a goner
[8:12 PM] kaiserschmarrn_: :bagsweat:
[8:12 PM] InitializeSahib: what happened
[8:12 PM] Carver: i dont tho
[8:12 PM] kaiserschmarrn_: carver is being hacked
[8:12 PM] Tom (devnull): Carver is getting hacked
[8:12 PM] InitializeSahib: yeet
[8:12 PM] Carver: port 30 isnt even a port thats used
[8:12 PM] Nobabs27: yay i now have qutebrowser 111
[8:12 PM] InitializeSahib: @Pr0xy is a cool person
[8:12 PM] Tom (devnull): TCP/UDP
[8:13 PM] Tom (devnull): Port 30
[8:13 PM] InitializeSahib: my favorite port is 8080
[8:13 PM] Carver:

[8:13 PM] Carver: my favorite port is 12004
[8:13 PM] Nobabs27: LOL it failed cuz nouveau(edited)
[8:14 PM] kaiserschmarrn_: rip
[8:14 PM] kaiserschmarrn_: :clap:
[8:14 PM] Tom (devnull): How the fuck does your browser fail because of your drivers
[8:14 PM] Carver: Nobabs27 is unhackable because he uses only freetard software and peertube
[8:14 PM] Carver: thats fact
[8:14 PM] Tom (devnull): Doesn't mean he's safe
[8:14 PM] kaiserschmarrn_: fact
[8:14 PM] kaiserschmarrn_: truuu
[8:14 PM] kaiserschmarrn_: :clap:
[8:15 PM] Tom (devnull): My favourite port is 22
[8:16 PM] Nobabs27:

[8:16 PM] Carver: much hack much wow

[8:17 PM] Nobabs27: lol ubuntu hacking system
you should the arch modified with i3 hacking system
[8:17 PM] Carver: thats my server nobabs
[8:17 PM] Carver: why would i need arch or i3
[8:17 PM] Nobabs27: yeah and its not running i3
[8:17 PM] Tom (devnull): 43 days is no time
[8:17 PM] Nobabs27: your server needs i3
[8:18 PM] Carver: @Tom (devnull) would be 100 days if the power cord didnt get tripped
[8:18 PM] Carver: @Pr0xy status?(edited)
[8:21 PM] Carver: i think he gave up fam
[8:23 PM] Nobabs27: so apparently qutebrowser thought it should use qtwebengine
[8:23 PM] Nobabs27: not qtwebkit
[8:23 PM] Nobabs27: :thonk~2:
[8:23 PM] Nobabs27: and qtwebkit was not a dep
[8:27 PM] Nobabs27: now the question is why cant urxvt do font size increase
[8:27 PM] ImmortalAxolotl: how to become unhackable
[8:28 PM] Carver: when u say u can hack someone but then go silent
[8:28 PM] ImmortalAxolotl: Step 1: Acquire some C4 and a detonator
Step 2: From a safe distance, detonate the C4 by all electronics in your house
Step 3: Become amish
[8:29 PM] Nobabs27: how to learn how to hack: watch Mr. Robot
[8:30 PM] Carver: the last access of my site was by googlebot lmao - - [20/May/2018:20:29:44 -0700] "GET /time_entries?sort=issue%3Adesc%2Cproject%3Adesc%2Cactivity%3Adesc HTTP/1.1" 200 6083 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +http://www.google.com/bot.html)"
[8:30 PM] Nobabs27: lol
[8:31 PM] Carver: should i dm him
[8:32 PM] Pr0xy: hold up guys im writing code
[8:33 PM] Carver: - - [20/May/2018:20:32:41 -0700] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 10784 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; bingbot/2.0; +http://www.bing.com/bingbot.htm)"

@Nobabs27 bing(edited)
[8:34 PM] megan: okay this is bait lol
[8:34 PM] megan: is he l33t hacking
[8:35 PM] Carver: he seems to be
[8:35 PM] Carver: i dont think its bait
[8:35 PM] TopKek: oh fuck we're being hacked
[8:36 PM] Nobabs27: @Carver ok
[8:36 PM] Nobabs27: >no searx bot
jk searx doesn't use bots its a meta search engine
[8:36 PM] Carver: - - [20/May/2018:20:36:06 -0700] "GET /home HTTP/1.1" 200 10786 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_10_1) AppleWebKit/600.1.25 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/8.0 Safari/600.1.25"

who the fucc is using a mac to browse my christian site
[8:37 PM] Nobabs27: oof
[8:38 PM] Carver: i have a betamax player as my clock lol
[8:47 PM] Carver: @Pr0xy left the server lol
[8:48 PM] Walrus: nice
[8:48 PM] Carver: unhaccable
[8:52 PM] ImmortalAxolotl: fuking gay
[8:52 PM] Carver: should i dm him
[8:52 PM] Walrus: Yes
[8:52 PM] TopKek: wow

[8:53 PM] Carver:

[8:54 PM] TopKek: great video

[8:55 PM] Walrus: Movavi screen capture
[8:55 PM] Walrus: Holy shit
[8:55 PM] TopKek:

[8:59 PM] mveety: hahahaha
[9:00 PM] mveety: you know its quality
[9:03 PM] Carver: can i have vid link
[9:03 PM] TopKek: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNu1tqg8CEw
Pr0xy- Kali Linux Hacking Tool *NEW*

[9:04 PM] TopKek: Link to git clone : https://github.com/Pr0xy2/Pr0xy-Hacking-Tool My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jesus_terrazas58/(edited)
Contribute to Pr0xy-Hacking-Tool development by creating an account on GitHub.

Jesus Alonzo Arteaga Terrazas (@jesus_terrazas58) • Instagram ph...
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[9:06 PM] mveety: he DDoSes google with one host
[9:06 PM] mveety: does he know what the first D in DDoS means?
[9:07 PM] TopKek: woah

[9:07 PM] TopKek: hes gonna take down google
[9:10 PM] mveety: hahahaha: "any bugs to the gitHub Repository. Now go Hack the World Script Kiddies!!"
[9:10 PM] mveety: https://github.com/Pr0xy2/Pr0xy-Hacking-Tool/blob/master/proxy2.py#L13
Contribute to Pr0xy-Hacking-Tool development by creating an account on GitHub.

[9:10 PM] mveety: he tries to be all super secret by not using his name in the top comment
[9:11 PM] mveety: then puts it at the bottom
[9:12 PM] Carver: https://github.com/Pr0xy2/Pr0xy-Hacking-Tool/issues/1
Isn't actually a DDoS · Issue #1 · Pr0xy2/Pr0xy-Hacking-Tool
The D in DDoS stands for distributed.

[9:13 PM] mveety: hahahahaha
[9:14 PM] TopKek: i like all this fucking whitespace at the end

[9:14 PM] Carver: what a noob
[9:15 PM] ImmortalAxolotl: how to ddos
[9:15 PM] ImmortalAxolotl: open terminal
[9:15 PM] Carver: cant even list subdomains
[9:15 PM] ImmortalAxolotl: ping server
[9:15 PM] ImmortalAxolotl: repeat
[9:15 PM] Carver: i actually have a direct domain to ip @ x.dorper.me which bypasses cloudflare
[9:17 PM] TopKek: "Before you try running Pr0xy remember to "chmod +x proxy2.py" on you command line"
[9:18 PM] Carver: on you
[9:20 PM] TopKek: fixed https://github.com/Pr0xy2/Pr0xy-Hacking-Tool/pull/2
your* by ToppleKek · Pull Request #2 · Pr0xy2/Pr0xy-Hacking-Tool

[9:22 PM] mveety: also does he know how exec lines work?
[9:23 PM] mveety: for chmod +x to work the file needs to be, you know, a valid executable
[9:32 PM] ꧁꧂: DID I MISS A FUNNY
[9:32 PM] ꧁꧂: @TopKek did someone try to sudo hack you
[9:32 PM] TopKek: not me
[9:32 PM] TopKek: but hes funny anyway
[9:32 PM] ꧁꧂: v
[9:32 PM] ꧁꧂: on you command line
[9:32 PM] TopKek: yes
[9:33 PM] ꧁꧂: i should do a pull to rename it to hack.exe
[9:33 PM] ꧁꧂:

[9:33 PM] ꧁꧂: this is really good
[9:34 PM] ꧁꧂:
        ddos = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
            ddos.connect((host, 80))
            ddos.send( message )
            ddos.sendto( message, (ip, port) )
            ddos.send( message );
[9:34 PM] ꧁꧂: is this how a real gamer ddoses(edited)
[9:35 PM] Carver: he tried to hack me
[9:35 PM] Carver: even tho
[9:35 PM] Carver: my sites unhackable
[9:35 PM] Carver: it runs on plone
[9:35 PM] ꧁꧂: hes a extreme hacker what are you talking about
[9:35 PM] Carver: ikr
[9:35 PM] Carver: he freaked out about the nonused port 30 being "open"
[9:36 PM] ꧁꧂: new person to say lol ruby sucks to

[9:36 PM] Carver: then left after he realized he got beat by a 15 year old running plone on a thinkpad
[9:47 PM] Carver: we got a response boys
[9:47 PM] Carver:
[DM] Pr0xy: ok

[9:48 PM] ꧁꧂: ok
[9:49 PM] Carver:
[DM] Carver: ok
[DM] Carver: so its unhackable right
[DM] Pr0xy: sure