TreeHouse Communities Constitution

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Treehouse Communities (THC) For September of 2017 and Beyond

By joining this community, you agree to follow the constitution and the rules to the best of your ability in all of the TreeHouse Community Discords.. Failure to follow the constitution will result in severe consequences.


Thank you for joining our community. The Treehouse Communities were founded by Reasonably Selenium in 2017 to allow fans to collaborate and have fun while meeting new people. The original idea came from Cosmic Tree House*.  This document contains the rules and regulations of this community, as well as how our government works.  In retrospect, our community is a fast growing and family-oriented community. Anybody is accepted as long as they haven’t been previously banned.  The next few pages will consist of the rules and regulations of this community.

* Cosmic Tree House is a similar Discord Community has is currently not in association with Aclevo. All parties associated with CTH are not THC Staff unless it is specifically stated in the server’s staff list.

Generic Rules

As being a part of this community, all members, regardless of their rank or position within the community, are subjected to these rules and regulations.

  1. Be kind to yourself and other users. Try not to offend, this includes no racism/slurs/discrimination/hate speech/threats, or gang up on others. Keep this a friendly place for everyone to hang out. If, at any point in time, you are feeling uncomfortable with another user in the discords, please contact a staff immediately!  We are willing to help anybody solve their problems.
  2. Avoid inciting others. Try to avoid politics/religion and other topics likely to incite people to avoid messy conversations. If you want to talk about these topics, please DM them instead. Please do not start commenting about either of these topics, even if it is only a sentence. All group activity is being monitored for quality assurance.  We strive to make sure that all users are being treated with respect and dignity.
  3. No spamming or advertising allowed without approval. No spamming (includes big walls of text)/scamming/advertising, auctions, raffles, lottos, etc. without getting approval from Admins. DM advertising is not allowed unless you have exclusive permission. People that are caught DMing ads without permission would receive a ban or a kick depending the number of members he or she DMed. Spam is considered exceeding 6 lines of text in a single minute, and 36 in a single hour, as well as copying and pasting the same extract phrase in an excess of 15 times.  Any user that is caught spamming will be kicked for 24 hours on the first attempt, 3 days on the second attempt, and 2 weeks on the third attempt.  Any further attempts will result with the user not being welcomed back into the community in the foreseeable future.
  4. Please do not post anything that is deemed to be NSFW.  If any user is caught posting nsfw material, they will be removed from the chat for 24 hours on the first offense, 7 days on the second offense, and 2 months on the third offense.  Anybody who violates this rule after the third offense will be removed for six months.
  5. Do not be annoying. DO NOT engage in any other excessively disruptive behavior. If any staff member warns you or asks you to stop doing something, stop doing it or you will face consequences.
  6. No impersonations. DO NOT Impersonate any of the staff members or any other member, this includes mocking.
  7. Do not raid or plan to raid. No raiding or planning to raid other servers.
  8. Channel Specific topics are to be kept in their designated text channel(s). Keep channel specific topics in their designated channels. Only use bots in their respected bot channels.
  9. Promoting terrorism, sexism, and/or extremism is not tolerated.  If you anybody is promoting such gruesome behavior, contact a staff member immediately.
  10. Do not change the discord’s group picture or topic.  Violators will be banned permanently.

Staff Guidelines

All staff members must follow these guidelines in order to hold and stay in power for their full expected term. These guidelines also go over the election process of a specified person.

  1. Only 4 to 8 (Head) Admins are allowed for each Discord server, as well as 6 to 10 (Head) Moderators, 6 Treehouse Council Members, 6 Treehouse Security Personnel, 1 President, and 1 Vice President.  Any user who adds or any user to a higher position without the unanimous permission of the President and Vice President will be banned. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE!
  2. The President and Vice President may only serve the entirety of the Treehouse Discord Servers for two consecutive terms in 4 years, and two non-consecutive terms in 2 years. A term shall be defined one quarter of a year. A 75% majority vote, which is tallied up from all of the communities, and a year of experience within the community shall be required to vote a specified person in.
  3. A Treehouse Council Member shall be defined as someone who helps improve the server by suggesting new rules and regulations to be put in place by the President and Vice President. They may only serve the entirety of the Treehouse Discord Servers for one consecutive term in a year. A 50% majority vote, which is tallied up from all the communities, and 3-6 months of experience within the community shall be required to vote a specified person in.
  4. A Treehouse Security Personnel is a person who manages the security of the community during a state of emergency and/or during a time of martial law. They may serve the entirety of the Treehouse Discord Servers for four consecutive terms for 4 years. A 85% majority vote, as well as approval by the President and/or Vice President unless overruled by the Treehouse Council, along with 1 year of experience with Treehouse or Aclevo shall be required to vote a specified person in.
  5. All Council Amendments and Decision Making must have a general purpose.  For example, to improve the community. If any decision does not have a general purpose, the group decision must be VOIDED OUT.  Also, all group decisions must have the final approval of the President and Vice President himself. No action will be taken without the President or Vice President.
  6. Any user appointed to (Head) Moderator must be 13 years old, any user appointed to (Head) Administrator must be 15 years old, and any user appointed to the Treehouse Council and/or Security Council must be 17 years old.  The only exception is for users who were Aclevo Members, staff part of CTH for at least 5 months who has been verified to have experience and not cause drama in the community, and/or voted in by the President, Vice President, and Treehouse Council .
  7. All new users must consent to the constitution. No users will be allowed to interact with the community until they have done this. Once they have read the rules, they will be granted with a Verified role. If a user has been warned and/or has the warned role, they must be stripped of their permissions until they have agreed to the rules again.
  8. No staff members representing the Discord Servers are to be considered “above the law,” or “safe from the rules”; nor shall any of them make up rules that do not exist.  The rules are put in place for a reason, and if any user disobeys the rules, they will be punished in accordance with the proper procedures.  Any staff member that is found guilty of a or an attempt to coup, threatening the safety of the community, being “above the law”, making up rules, consider themselves safe from the rules, and/or defies the community to the extent of an impeachment shall be impeached and have their admin rights revoked indefinitely.  Any such behavior is considered inappropriate, and such behavior must not be present within this community.
  9. Community Rules and Regulations Amendment:  If such a need arises, the community rules and regulations can be changed if the entire community agrees with an 80% majority in favor of the change.
  10. The owner of the discord servers can modify rules if it fills up blank areas that were previously not addressed by the constitution.  However, the owner nor President nor Vice President cannot pass any new legislation (amendments to the current rules) without going through the proper channels first.
  11. In the event that an emergency were to arise where the owner, President, and/or Vice President is not present, the TreeHouse Council shall push the Security Council into session and declare Martial Law on all the Discord Servers until one of them are available.
  12. Martial Law shall be defined as the Security Council taking power of all the servers, create temporary rules to ensure security within the community, removing all invitation links to the servers, and notifying any Aclevo Staff of the incident.
  13. Please ensure common courtesy is established to all users of this server.  This community has a strict no-bullshit policy.
  14. Any staff member who makes an emergency executive order is limited to a maximum of 1 time per term.
  15. Anyone who creates external invite links without permission from the President and Vice President must follow the duties of Rule 8 on Staff Rules and impeach the person in power..


The People of the Treehouse Communities have all found that this document, and all of its rules and regulations are founded on a cause to help the community grow.  The growth of this community can inspire other communities to adopt similar systems to this community prototype model, as we have with inspiration from the Nkrs200 HQ Community Guidelines.

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