How To Join CC in 2017

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Yeah I don't know either.

How to Join Computer Clan in 2017 (Real, not Fake) GONE REEEEEEEEE

Hey guys I’m some Indian Guy off street and I’m going to show you how to join Computer Clan in 2017. Ready k let’s go.

Step 1: First, you must press power button. If you hear sound or see light from computer that mean you can go to next step. If nothing happen you must throw your computer out window, get new computer, and try again. If that no work, eat diarrhea.

Step 2: Next, you must press monitor button. If monitor goes on, then wait. If no monitor, then throw monitor out window with computer. Be sure that computer is turn on before monitor or no work.

Step 3: Wait for computer to open, then navigate to internet. If have no internet, then buy internet. If your too poor, then sell your computer at Black Market.

Step 4: Go to the google and type the computer clan in the search bar and press enter key.

Step 5: Click first link and you should see website with big logo that says CC. If website no appear, then check internet.

Step 6: You should see links under logo, find the text of saying “Contact Us”. Click on link. If no link, then check website.

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