A Statement by Aclevo

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Aclevo "apologies" to Ducky.
A Statement by Aclevo

Several months ago, a massive compromise in the integrity, security, and stability of the TTSC was breached.  This breach was caused by an unintended access by users who had ill intentions. Due to a massive #nevernkrs campaign lead by several members of the TTSC, we feel that we should take some responsibility for the breach.  However, full responsibility can only be accredited to the one who truly came up with the idea. The one we believe that should be held responsible is more than tyrannous than the common enemy, and more diabolical with how he plans each part of his actions.  The user that we are referring to was initially banned from the TTSC a while back due to a major disagreement with Ducky. This said user then had our community slowly enter the server one by one. The user that we are referring to is not affiliated with our community nor are we affiliated with him in any shape or form.

We are truly and deeply sorry for any physical, emotional, and mental harm and destruction that this incident has caused.  We aim to rebuild our community from the ground up on the basis surrounding ethics, morale, and strict rule tolerance. Our group does not allow anybody from that day forth to be a part of any raid, seizures, or hacking activities nor will we ever commit any of these said things ever again in the future.  We want to seek forgiveness from those that we have wronged as it wasn’t right to take part in such heinous activities.

- Aclevo Staff

Original Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XJC3cYa9_xCN65bVB_djMziNwK5DByCNGJ-AJQGGXwc

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