Aclevo-Carver Agreement

by Carver Harrison last modified 2018-06-06T12:26:23-07:00
Aclevo broke this agreement about 2 weeks after it was created.

`Aclevo - Carver Agreement

Things that Carver wants from Aclevo:

  1. A full, public apology from Reasonably Selenium.  (Resolved)
  2. 100% of AdSense Revenue.  (Resolved)

Things that Aclevo wants from Carver:

  1. Reasonably Selenium would like Carver to retract the Copyright Strike against the Aclevo channel.  Upon doing so, Aclevo will immediately remove the video that was striked from the Aclevo channel. (Resolved)

Things that nkrs200 would like from Aclevo and Carver:

  1. Zero hostility between either party.  Both parties must mutually co-exist. (Not Resolved)

Things that both parties can fully resolve at this present time:

  1. Carver wants to remain admin on nkrs200 Server.  (Carver wants from Aclevo)
  2. Carver wants nkrs200 to give a shout-out to his website,  (Carver wants from nkrs200)
  3. 100% of AdSense Revenue (Carver wants from Aclevo).
  4. A full, public apology from Reasonably Selenium. (Carver wants from Aclevo).  (Privated)

This document was finalized by the following parties on July 14, 2017 at the time of 9 PM Eastern Time.

This document, written on Friday, July 14, 2017 at the time of 8:17 PM Eastern Time, was made in agreement with both Aclevo and Carver.  If at any time that either party were to break this agreement, a dispute must be filed with nkrs200 Studios.

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