8031 Single Board Computer

SBC I made for learning MCS-51 assembly.

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Intel 8031 - Microcontroller 74373 - Address Latch 2764 - Program EPROM (8192 x 8) 1MHz TTL Oscillator Reset Button 4.7K Resistor - Reset Pull Down 10uF Capacitor


This is a single board computer utilizing the 8031 microcontroller. The 8031 is the ROMless version of the 8051. This allows me to modify the program running on the 8031 using an attached EPROM. This SBC easilly connects to a breadboard.

Parts List

Component Description Origin
Intel 8031 Microcontroller Scrap lot bought off eBay
2764 Program EPROM (8192 x 8) Jameco Microprocessor Grab Bag
74373 Address Latch 74xx grab bag
1 MHz Oscillator System Clock eBay
Push Button Reset Button Unknown
4.7K Resistor Reset Pull Down Resistor Unknown
10uF Capacitor Reset Capacitor Unknown


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